Custom content helps separate your brand from the rest.

Blogs are nice, but everyone’s got one, and if you lack heartier, more detailed, technically-involved content that bottom- or near-the-bottom-the-funnel buyers want to see, then you may lose out to a competitor who does.

In fact, carefully researched white papers and ebooks detailing intricate solutions or industry trends at a technical level are in high demand. 76 percent of B2B buyers are willing to offer their contact information in exchange for white papers, while 63 percent would do the same for ebooks.  

Luckily, there’s been a glut of great custom content this year to emulate. Need some inspiration for your next special project? Check out the best B2B custom content examples of 2018:

1. Bizzabo

Does your business need help organizing events? Need tips for building attendance or don’t know where to start with registration and ticketing?

This event management software may be able to help, with its massively technical series of blog articles found in a dense, constantly updated content hub. You can tell Bizzabo is busy—they update several times per week, and offer insight into creative promotion ideas, increasing ticket sales, and social issues such as diversity and gender, as well as venue recommendations and analyses of the event industry itself.

That’s a large variety of useful, professional-level custom content any event industry leader would want to dig into.

2. Shutterstock

Proprietary customer data is a valuable resource to multiple professional audiences. Companies can use it to predict customer trends to stay ahead of the curve. They can also offer that data up for other organizations, so they get a high-level view of what customers are searching for.

This year, the royalty-free image, music, and video licensing group Shutterstock took its customer search and download data and transformed it into a colorful, quirky interactive infographic that also showcases the work of its paid contributors, who need to stay informed about what’s in-style.

Split up into categories (which you can navigate via stickied sidebar), each category breaks down a 2018 trend, accompanied by a short video montage encapsulating each subject—”Space” shows rockets taking off, while “A Global March” focuses on activism and women. More B2B companies should create dynamic, interactive experiences out of their own data.  

3. Dell Technologies

Through Dell’s Perspectives hub, business partners can read technical articles about how smartphones can save the Amazon or how VR will change the music industry. There are also thought leadership-focused podcasts with dedicated pages full of notes, episode breakdowns, and guest lists.

One of the more interesting pieces of content we’ve found was this white paper about robotics in the far-flung year 2030. Using its own data and information gathered from partnership studies, Dell forecasts a future where people and machines work together symbiotically curing diseases, creating new jobs, and overall improving life on this planet.

It may sound like sci-fi, but Dell’s insight into artificial intelligences, cybersecurity practices, machine learning, and more technical disciplines adds an authentic weight to what’s otherwise a straightforward PDF file. There are even government policy roadmap suggestions that could greatly affect how markets respond to such emerging technologies. For anyone interested in—or interested in investing in—these emerging technologies, this white paper is a must-read.

4. Optimizely

Now here’s something we can all use.

This meticulously designed and researched (and long—54 pages!) ebook covers a very specific topic every business must contend with at some point: the website redesign process. Using pastel colors (see Shutterstock above for why pale colors are a continuing trend) and a simple step-by-step layout, Optimizely covers every common pain point a website redesign could involve, from figuring out business goals to avoiding shopping cart abandonment to QA testing and experimentation.

Like the best ebooks, it recognizes complex problems and offers actionable solutions. Even the landing page is well-optimized and to-the-point. If you’re looking for a solid custom content example to aspire to, look no further.   

Or if you’re looking for help with your own custom content projects, you’re at the right place. We offer our own Custom Content services, which you can read more about here.

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