We’re not much at tooting our own horn, much preferring when others toot it for us. That makes this blog post both easier and harder to write, because we’re announcing an award bestowed on us by The Manifest, but I still have to write something about it instead of just saying “look, we got an award, thanks, bye!”

So here it is! Another year, another award, and another announcement. Go us! This one is for PR, which is especially great because it’s not our main core focus, which means I can pinpoint the exact team that helped us get it and congratulate them personally. And it’s from The Manifest, which is a fantastic resource for companies and agencies, so that makes it extra special.

But while it’s nice to get recognized, it’s important to remember that this isn’t why we do what we do. As I’ve mentioned, our PR team is small, I sit next door to two of them, and not once have I heard them say “Let’s do a really good job for our clients so that we can get an award!” It’s possible that they whisper that to each other very quietly so that it doesn’t carry across the hall, but I doubt it — I’m sure I would have at least caught some hint of that.

We don’t do great work to win awards; we just do great work because that’s what we want to do. We take it personally. We get emotionally invested. We’re artistés, and we pour a little bit of ourselves into everything we do. Except for our AM/PM team, who are ruthless calculation machines that pour everything they do into building the processes and safety nets that let our PR and content team pretend to be passionate starving artists without the actual starving part, and with the added bonus of being able to hit deadlines. And that’s why we win awards — not because we want them, but because the way we work is just conducive to recognition.

So cheers to our PR team, for all of their hard work, dedication, and the magic they put into making every account… count. And cheers to all of our clients that went to The Manifest and said such lovely things about us that someone decided we were award-worthy. And cheers to you, for reading this self-congratulatory dreck. 
Now how about giving us a call so we can write something award-worthy for you, too?

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