It took me a while to write this blog post. It shouldn’t have been difficult, but it inexplicably was, and it took hours to figure out why: it’s just not a very exciting topic. We won an award. Again. This time, we were named as one of AdWeek’s 100 fastest growing agencies. Cool, I guess. Go, us! 

Look, we’ve been doing this for almost 15 years. We’ve been recognized as a leading content marketing agency, praised for our work, honored for growing fast, and given rave reviews for our company culture and compensation. And it never gets any more exciting, because we don’t do it for the awards. We don’t do it for the accolades, or the recognition, or the glowing profiles. All of that is just noise. 

We’re here because we love what we do. We love telling stories. We love thinking up cool ideas to get our clients noticed, and fun ways to keep customers engaged and enthralled. We’re here for the love of the game. 

So a big thanks to the clients that got us here, and the amazing team of brilliant people who have inexplicably agreed to work for us, and congrats to AdWeek for recognizing that we’re pretty damn cool. But the award isn’t the work; the work is the work. And we’re going to keep doing the same great work we’ve been doing for a decade and a half because that’s what we’re here for. And we’ll continue to only care about the only recognition that matters: clients that stay with us year after year because they love working with us. Y’all are the real heroes.

Alex, out!

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