Brand marketing is essential for every major company. With a memorable logo, a catchy slogan or just a clever company name, a powerful brand can tell customers who you are and what you can do for them. Your company’s brand encapsulates the quality of your product and the status of your reputation. Brand is what anyone thinks of when they think of a company.

Mention “Nike” to a friend and, automatically, their mind will conjure images of flight-footed athletes, basketballs, and swooshes. Namedrop “Cheerios” and they’ll probably picture a cartoon bee. Go to a Marvel movie and you can expect family-friendly action and humor (unless Thanos is involved). That’s the power of branding.

Does your company have that kind of influence? If not, your brand marketing needs a boost.

Here are six quick reasons why B2B companies should take a page out of the B2C playbook and boost their branding:

1. Branding Raises Your Recognizability

What makes your company different from similar organizations? Is it the quality of service? The unique features of your product? A more attractive logo? All these aspects can factor into a strong brand marketing identity that will separate yourself from the competition. Design a more recognizable logo. Develop a consistent image and brand voice that resonates with your target audience. Create a more user-friendly website. Boast about how your solutions are faster and more streamlined than the competition. Keep these things consistent and your branding will boost your recognizability.

2. It Increases Customer Trust and Loyalty

Customers that recognize your brand will associate your company with their past experiences. Did they have an easy time browsing your website or using your product? Were their questions answered by your social media team? Were their problems solved? If so, they’ll think of your brand positively and return for more business. Inspire enough trust and loyalty and you could create life-long customers.  

3. It Tells Your Unique Company Story

Powerful branding can connect to an audience on a deep, emotional level through storytelling. Maybe your CEO has an incredible story about the company’s founding. Perhaps your Subject Matter Experts—the ones doing all the designing and engineering—have valuable insights about your niche you can share with the world. Or rather, your unique company culture has allowed for growth and innovation to happen. What made that culture possible? Sharing those details and company stories will add to the authenticity and depth of your brand.    

4. It Demonstrates Company Value

A well-known brand that can convey its story, make itself known in the marketplace, and inspire loyalty in customers has inherent value and that makes it easier to attract more investment. Because the simple truth of the matter is investors don’t have a lot of time to research new companies. They need to know what they’re spending money on, and that what they’re gambling on is a sure bet. A unique brand that stands out and inspires customer and client loyalty demonstrates that your brand has value.

5. It Creates More Selling Opportunities

One of the major challenges for B2B companies is explaining to their audience the features and value of their products. A strong brand, amplified through word-of-mouth, the sharing of educational content and a social media strategy that involves video tutorials and testimonials, can act as a shortcut during the selling process. If a buyer is already aware of your brand through word-of-mouth or the strong impressions other satisfied customers, then they’re far more likely to engage with your brand through social communities and branded content and get closer to a sale.

6. Finally, Branding Can Guide Your Company Toward the Future

It may sound cheesy, but once you know who you are, you’ll know where to go. Remember Luke Skywalker, Neo, or Sarah Connor – they didn’t know who they were until they had harrowing journeys full of discovery and transformation. Hopefully you won’t have to battle cybernetic assassins from the future, but the brand marketing journey will be full of fits, starts, and interruptions before you finally develop a well-respected brand that resonates with buyers and customers, and unites employees and investors under one clear, confident vision.

Brand marketing has its challenges. We’re ready to face them. Want to go on the journey together? Drop us a hologram.  

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