You may have heard through the grapevine that we made a commercial. It’s true – we’re officially expanding into video content and we figured what better way to show off our skills than to make a video of our own. Because we’re storytellers at heart, we wanted to create a video that wasn’t just a commercial, but really captured the heart of what we do at S&G – finding what’s truly intriguing about brands, shaping it into an engaging narrative, and sharing it with the world. We think we did a pretty good job of that with our first S&G video that spotlights one of our awesome clients, Superfine! The Fair – an amazing organization that’s democratizing art collecting and bringing art to the masses. Our video is debuting tonight at the OUTshine Film Festival in Miami – another home grown organization that we wholeheartedly support (and are sponsors of).

Click below to watch the full video:


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