Interactive marketing sounds fairly straightforward. It’s all right there in the phrase! If you want to engage audiences in a creative, dynamic and personalized way, then creating content customers can interact with is the way to go. But it can be a challenge. What type of interactive content marketing should you try? The answer isn’t always so simple, and there are few things to keep in mind. You need to have demographics, geographic information, and lots of data at your disposal to know how to personalize that content. You also need to know creators who can actually produce the audio, video, and other interactive components required. And you need to layer in the information brands want to get across.

It’s a tricky balance to figure out, but once you have those steps solved, consider trying out these five examples of interactive marketing:

1. Quizzes and Assessments

What kind of Disney princess are you? What kind of DC superhero? What kind of beer? Which emoji? Quizzes have practically taken over the Internet in the last decade or so, and it’s easy to figure out why. People like to feel special. They also like to feel that they’re part of the larger culture. Even better – they like to share the quizzes, and their results, on Facebook so everyone can compare answers and see who’s who, or who’s what. Simply put, they’re fun, (sometimes) educational, and easy to make, so you can pump them out like crazy. They also provide a cavalcade of insight into your audience, so you can better cater to them with the collected data. Which Steven Spielberg movie are you? Why, I’m Minority Report of course!

2. Polls and Surveys

Polls can be very effective. We all like to click through questions with no wrong answers, and we definitely love to share our opinions, especially if our brand of choice receives the feedback and actually integrates it into their product or service. Many audiences also enjoy seeing how their peers answer, so when it comes to content polls, it can be a twofer—the poll, and the poll results. Surveys are also a great way to gather more insight into where your audience’s interests lie. Not sure what kind of downloadable content your video game studio should focus on? Try a poll.  

3. Graphs and Infographics

Finished with the poll? Then try revealing the results with a handy, visual infographic that also mixes in interactive elements like pop-ups or questions. Charts and large graphics with visualized data are an effective and simple way to inform audiences and to get them to engage with your brand through follow-up surveys, social media shares, or follow-up content like future blogs. They’re also just a great way to educate users about interesting subjects or trivia. If it’s creative and fascinating enough you can be sure you’ll get repeat visitors and more shares.

4. eBooks and Whitepapers

Whitepapers and ebooks have been a content marketing staple for a while now. But what about making them interactive? It’s possible. Among the stationary information ebooks typically convey, you can try adding in dynamic survey-like questions or animations to help liven things up. Elements like that can help energize an otherwise dry subject and drive more engagement. The landing page, where one typically fills in personal information to gain access to the whitepaper, could even be embedded into the middle of a regular old ebook PDF to continue reading. The possibilities for interactivity are nigh endless.

5. Apps, Games, and Videos

Apps, games, and videos are truly the mecca of interactive content. People plays games all the time, whether on a console, PC, or smartphone, and the reason why is pretty obvious: they’re fun, and often, rewarding. If you can make an app or game based on a product or service compelling enough, they’ll keep playing and share it with everyone they know. Just provide an element in there where a customer can complete a form, download content, or buy a product, and you’re good to go. Ditto for video, which you can use to gather more valuable insight into customer behavior based on how they comment or share it. Was the video helpful? Entertaining? Did it generate leads? With something as personal to audiences as a video or a game, you’ll be sure to know.

If your interactive marketing increases sales and customer satisfaction, and lowers marketing costs, then you’re on the right track. But some customers get weirded out by the personalized nature of interactivity, and not every person is alike. At the end of the day, success lies in the old maxim: know your audience. Know that, and your interactive marketing will be sure to shine.

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