We always like spotlighting great copy, even if it’s not our own. We received an email from Moo.com – a fun print company that specializes in business cards and tiny little calling cards – presenting an extension on their 24 hour sale in celebration of their birthday. We like this email copy because it’s fun and playful, and because they like shiny things as much as we do.

On a more serious note, Moo does a really good job of pulling off fun, playful conversation while still upholding their brand image of a serious professional print company. Even though they’re about mid-range in the print materials market and serve a broad customer base, they still manage to engage their customers. Don’t believe us? Check out what their 89K Facebook fans have to say.

The sale just went to extra time

Sure, all good things must come to an end (we never really believed this as kids, but it turns out, it’s true). But we figured, if we extended our sale, it would still be our birthday – right? Plus, you’ll have a bit more time to make all your brand new designs. That’s settled then – sale extended!So while we continue to demand cake, you now have until 11:59pm on Sunday September 23 to stock up on absolutely any printed product on MOO.COM – including Luxe and brand new Gloss Business Cardsand MiniCards. By the way, if you’ve not yet tried our new Gloss finish, the sale is the perfect time to check it out – it really makes your images pop. Plus, it’s very, very shiny!


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