The thing that your company excels at doing for other companies is the one thing you fail at internally. Or so goes some adage. It’s also a big reason why we’ve heard from a few marketing companies who need help marketing themselves. And not being ones to shy away from pointing out our own flaws, it’s something that we have issues with too.

Finding the time to market your own company (especially if you’re a smaller firm) takes time away from client work (read: billable) and there’s only so many hours in a day. So let’s look at some solutions for solving that problem.

1.  Crowdsource.
Content marketing is one of those things that you can do on a tiny budget, if need be. Write out a list of topics that you want to cover or keywords that you want to rank for, and offer guest blogging spots on your website in exchange for social media promotion and a link to their website. It’s helped build visits for most of the web’s most highly-trafficked websites and blogs – it’ll help yours too.

Services like My Blog Guest were designed specifically for this purpose.

2.  Hire someone internally to head up your marketing or pay yourself to do it.
Every business owner knows that it’s much easier to spend time working on paying projects than it is to work internally on your business when you don’t see the immediate revenue it’s bringing in. Hire someone internally to focus on one thing: building up your brand and client base. Or conversely, dedicate a portion of your income stream to marketing your own company, similar to the way you would an actual paying client.

3.  Outsource.
Outsourcing your marketing to another marketing firm can seem a little silly, but if you know that it’s not going to be taken care of in-house or it’s far more cost effective and efficient to shop it out to an outside firm, it’s going to be your best bet.

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