Customers use search engines to find whatever they need (or want), and it’s how they’re going to stumble upon your business. A good way to increase the chances of that stumble—hmm, let’s call it a slight nudging, or guiding!—is with blogging for business. Blogs aren’t just for amateur artists or writers. No, the concept of blogging has practically reshaped journalism and the Internet at large, and they can assist in the success of your business. Here are three big advantages of blogging for business.

You speak directly to customers

Let’s say someone has a question about your business and rather than pick up the phone and dial customer service, they pick up the phone and head to Google. If your blog is up and

running—and if they use the right search terms (be sure to research what key words customers actually use in search engines—they’ll be pleased to find a whole blog post dedicated to answering that very question. But if nothing from your company turns up, they may move on to a competitor, and that’s no good.

Setting up a blog for your business allows you to speak directly to the concerns of any prospective customers. Not only will blog posts give your customer service reps a nice reprieve from commonly asked questions, they also provide a lot of value for customers when they’re in the product or service research stage. If your posts are linked to other answers in other posts, the customer will stay on your website longer, especially if they’re well-written, entertaining, and informative.

Basically, a business blog can act as a mouthpiece for your business. So loosen up, have fun with it, find out what customers want to know, and share your expertise.

You build credibility and maintain relevance

To paraphrase a certain spider man’s uncle, “with a great blog comes great responsibility”. Blogging for business can’t be a one-and-done affair; they have to be a concerted, continuing effort. Like your business, blogs have to be ever evolving. You have to cultivate and nurture them until they’ve grown into something customers can’t help but seek out. All of which really means that you have to post high quality content that reflects the personality of your business at a regular basis.

A good way to keep things going is to make sure your blog posts stay relevant. Is there a new product or service that you offer? Any interesting news in your industry? How about an up-and-comer you can interview? If customers see fresh content at a stable rate that will signal to them your business is a-boomin’ and ready to solve their problems.   

You’ll gain more traffic (and thus more customers)

Each new blog post is a new, separate chance for search engines to pick up your business blog content. It may not seem obvious at first, but it makes perfect sense. When customers use the right key search terms, your blog posts will turn up regardless of whether they actually searched for anything related to your business or company name. This effectively makes every article, and every separate page on your company site, an opportunity for new customers to find your brand—and that means new opportunities for lead generation.  

Of course, all of this takes a decent amount of devotion, tenacity, and work. You can’t expect your company’s standing, search engine rankings, traffic, and sales to increase overnight. If you’re interested, contact us and let us help you start blogging for business now and secure those advantages sooner, rather than later.


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