Content Marketing Without the Gimmicks!

Somewhere not so far away, just over the Mountain Of Wasted Marketing Budget, there lived a little agency that believed that telling stories could help companies engage and connect with their customers, and make a strong impact on their bottom line as well...

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Stunt & Gimmick's is a creative content agency. It's a mouthfull, I know. We combine elegant prose with beautiful imagery and startling rich content, and tie it all together with a ribbon of hard data.

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We've had the pleasure of working with some of the top names in their fields. Marketing firms, tech companies, e-commerce, non-profits and charitable organizations. And in the words of the poet Jon Bon Jovi, "we've rocked them all!"

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Occasionally, we have some deep thoughts, and we like to share. Stop by and see what's on our collective mind. Occasionally funny, sometimes useful, almost always thought provoking, and generally a good time.

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...That little agency was called Stunt & Gimmick's

And it was a fine young agency that loved new and exciting ideas, and more than anything loved turning those bright, shiny ideas into profit for its clients...

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Stunt & Gimmick's grew out of the minds of co-founders Lauren Fairbanks and Alexandre Mouravskiy. One day, it dawned on them that the quality of writing across most web pages was absolutely abysmal. I mean, really bad. With no improvement in sight, and realizing that high quality content was starting to play a more and more important role in online marketing, our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed heroes decided to do spring into action.

S&G is a full service creative content firm. What does that mean? Let's start at the end and work backwards:

This... ...Means This
Content All the wonderful words, images, videos, flash animations, applets, time-wasters, gee-gaws, doo-dads, and widgets that make the internet such a playground.
Creative The opposite of boring. Ok, that's not actually true. We'd say we think outside the box, but we haven't actually been able to find this box everyone keeps talking about, so we can't say with certainty which side of it we're on.
Data-Driven Some agencies pull copy out of their ass. We pull it out of large spreadsheets that we meticulously put together. That means our content is built to get you results, not sound cool or win awards.
Full-Service All that fun content stuff we talked about up there? We do it all. Copy, graphics, video, apps. All of it. We may come from a writing background, but the internet moves and we've moved with it.

Now how about an introduction?

  • Creative Content Marketer Lauren Fairbanks can write up a mean blog post while making inedible shortbread cookies
    Lauren Fairbanks
    Partner, CEO, Terrible Baker

    Lauren came to S&G from a long an illustrious career in publishing, making her the de facto editor-in-chief, Director of Content Strategy, and all around editorial grouch that would make J.Jonah Jameson proud. Did we mention she also CEOs? Besides running a tight ship, Lauren uses her years of publishing experience and contacts to secure distribution partnerships and managed content placement.

  • Insane in the membrane content strategist Alex will forget he left the stove on and burn down the house because he's too busy coming up with awesome plans for your digital content
    Alex Mouravskiy
    Partner, Creative Director, Dashing Pirate

    What's more fun than marketing hamburgers for McDonald's or consulting small businesses on the finer points of SEO and inbound marketing? Bringing that experience to a boutique creative agency! Alex heads the "far out there thoughts" department, but keeps it down to earth with his ridiculous need to test and verify everything with rigorous data analysis. Did we mention he's a dashing pirate?

...But all was not well in the Kingdom of Content

Unscrupulous copy shops, poor design firms, and marketing agencies that couldn't or wouldn't admit the new reality - that content is king - kept pumping out crap by the bushel...

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We've done some pretty good work. Not that we're ones to brag. Ok, maybe a little. And only when it's well deserved. Which is always. Without further ado, here is a selection from our portfolio that we feel represents some of our best work:

  • We can do social content, too. In fact, we helped ERDA get their social page humming along and boosted socially sourced donations by over 300%
    Jennifer Adams Home
    Social Media Strategy

    Jennifer Adams is an amazing woman with a fantastic product and a fantastic story. Stunt & Gimmick's wanted to help her tell that story to anyone and everyone that would listen. We're not quite there yet, but after doubling her Facebook fan count in a month and a half, we'd say we're getting there!

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  • S&G ranked MarketTraqs blogs on the first page of google in months for key terms. Now THATS content marketing
    Blogging, Data Visualization, Design

    Not content with just setting up the blog for email marketing software provider MarketTraq, S&G also ghost-writes their email marketing posts. Between waxing poetic about CTRs and talking dirty to mail-servers, S&G found time to get MT's blog ranked #1 for some very important keywords and terms!

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  • We can do social content, too. In fact, we helped ERDA get their social page humming along and boosted socially sourced donations by over 300%
    East River Development Alliance
    Social Media Strategy

    We like to give back to the city that we call home. So when the East River Development Alliance put out the call for social media experts to help them get their Facebook page up and running, we stepped forward. A good thing, too. We gave them a blueprint to social success that's led to continuous growth!

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  • Who says we have to stick to one channel? With NYIBS, S&G combined print, social, email, and web content marketing to drastically boost ticket sales
    New York International Ballet Competition
    Social Media, Design, Print Marketing

    When the New York International Ballet Competition wanted to throw a gala to honor the program's founder, they called on S&G to get the word out on social media. We responded by providing over 20% of ticket sales through social channels, as well as designing marketing collateral for print and online.

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We've also colaborated with other agencies on projects, from blogging to visual content to email copy, for these awesome brands:

...Luckily, Our Dashing Heroes Had A Plan

You see, they believed that websites could be more than shouting sales slogans at random passers-by. In fact, they knew they could use the power of conversation to bring people and companies closer together and slay the dragon of bad content...

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...And So, The Dragon Was Slayed And There Was Much Rejoicing

And that little agency, shying away from the glory and acolades, went back to doing what it did best. Taking great ideas, turning them into fantastic stories, and spinning that into measurable results for its clients!

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