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Somewhere not so far away, just over the Mountain Of Wasted Marketing Budget, there lived a little agency who believed that telling stories could help companies engage and connect with their customers, and make a strong impact on their bottom line as well…

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this is what we do


Stunt & Gimmick’s is a data-driven creative content agency. It’s a mouthful, we know. We draw insights from your web data, then turn it into elegant prose, beautiful imagery, and startling rich content. In short, we find where your customers are hanging out online, create targeted content for them, and help convert them into paying customers.



We’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients, from marketing firms, tech startups, healthcare companies, e-commerce firms, and non-profits. While we’re proud of everything we’ve done, some clients and projects just stand out. These our our favorites.



We don’t do everything. We keep our service offerings to the things we know best, so you can rest easy knowing you’re always getting our best work. Because, in the words of a great philosopher, “A small agency that says they can do everything you need is full of shit.”


...That little agency was called Stunt & Gimmick's

And it was a fine young agency that loved new and exciting ideas, and more than anything loved turning those bright, shiny ideas into profit for its clients…

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this is who we are

We’re Dreamers, Thinkers, Writers, Artists, Coders, Nerds, Geeks, and Freaks.

Stunt & Gimmick’s was founded by Lauren Fairbanks and Alex Mouravskiy. We are a group of freelancers and consultants at the top of our fields who operate as a collective. This unique model gives us the capability to take on large projects with ease, while still giving us the freedom to work with smaller clients who can’t necessarily afford a full traditional agency, with all of the overhead that entails. It also gives us the freedom to work with the best, no matter where they happen to live. Because letting distance get in the way of doing a good job is dumb, and having to go into an office every Monday through Friday, 9-5, sucks.

Alex Mouravskiy

Co-founder, creative director, and analytics powerhouse.

Lauren Fairbanks

Co-founder, CEO, and publishing whiz.



Lauren Tannenbaum

Master of Chicago Style, editor extraordinaire.



Jennifer Graham

Author, runner, Boston Globe columnist.

...But all was not well in the Kingdom of Content

Unscrupulous copy shops, poor design firms, and marketing agencies that couldn’t or wouldn’t admit the new reality – that content is king – kept pumping out crap by the bushel…

OH NO! What next?

this is what we've done

...Luckily, Our Dashing Heroes Had A Plan

You see, they believed that websites could be more than shouting sales slogans at random passers-by. In fact, they knew they could use the power of conversation to bring people and companies closer together and slay the dragon of bad content…

Then what happened?

this is where we've been

...And So, The Dragon Was Slayed And There Was Much Rejoicing

And that little agency, shying away from the glory and acolades, went back to doing what it did best. Taking great ideas, turning them into fantastic stories, and spinning that into measurable results for its clients!

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