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We're a studious bunch at S&G and as such we've got a library (ok, it's really just three Ikea shelves) of books that we like to mull over when we need a creative strike of genius. The problem is, we've grown bored with our current stash and we're looking to spice...

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Real-Time Analytics: Should You Care?

So, it’s been about a year and a half since Google rolled out real-time analytics. A year and a half where analysts, developers, marketers, and webmasters (remember those people? Whatever happened to them?) spent hours glued to their monitors watching little bars move across the screen. And then maybe three of them did something productive with what they saw. The truth is, there are a very few specific instances where real-time analytics are useful, and even fewer cases where they have a clear advantage over standard time-delayed analytics. We’re going to talk about those edge cases today, and help you decide whether you need to ever bother clicking on that real-time button. Read on, brave number cruncher, read on!

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